About us

Thuvam is an initiative by a group of rural women from the Puliyanur Village Tailoring School at the foothills of Javadhu in Tamil Nadu. There are two main reasons we started Thuvam. One, because we wanted to create clothes that ar sustainable and zero waste process. Two, because our region sees a lot of women migrating to other places in search of jobs, leaving their kids behind. We want our children to grow up with their mothers. What better way than to tailor clothes right in the middle of the village. Your encouragement for this products will give trust and hope for the rural women


Why Thuvam?

  • Wear 100% cotton woven fabric
  • Say no to chemical dyes and harmful bleaches
  • Support zero use of plastic
  • Promote handcrafted works
  • Encourage rural women empowerment
  • Reduce migration of women workers