Cotton underwear for Women (Elastic Waistline)



Made with Woven cotton fabric.

No chemical dyes. Even the center colored patch is cotton-dyed.

Center pocket for inserting cloth as pad in case of emergencies

Traditional nada to adjust according to comfort.


There are no returns(if its worn/new). So kindly check your size by using the chart and purchase.



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At Thuvam, we focus mainly on comfort and hygiene. Made of woven cotton fabric, our underwear comes in white with a colored patch in the center. A pocket-like opening allows you to insert cloth/tissue in case of a period emergency. The underwear is airy and comes with a nada for you to adjust according to waist size. If you prefer elastic, we have that too..

These underwear are meticulously hand stitched with the available color fabric so piping fabric color would keep changing.


Thuvam underwear comes in six sizes. Please measure your hip and choose your underwear accordingly. After a certain age, we usually stick to the same underwear size even if our hip size might have changed. Using such tight fits is not healthy for us. So please remember to check your hip size before buying Thuvam underwear.


Wash normally with soap or mild detergent.

Dry under sunlight.

Store in dry place.



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